Recognizing youth depression at home and school

2/3 of parents cite barriers in recognizing youth depression

1 in 4 parents say their middle or high school-age child knows a peer or classmate with depression. Though most parents are confident they would recognize depression in their middle or high school-age child, two-thirds cite barriers to recognizing signs and symptoms. 7 in 10 parents think schools should screen all students for depression; 6th grade is the most preferred age to begin depression screening.

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Parent preparation for playdates

Half of parents have declined kids' playdate invites

Parents' top concerns about playdates include children being unsupervised, hearing inappropriate language, getting into harmful substances, and getting injured. Half of parents have declined a playdate because they did not feel comfortable leaving their child in the other parent's care. Only 1 in 4 parents have been asked about safety issues by another parent before a playdate.

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Teens riding with teens: Safety concerns

3 in 5 parents say their teen has been in a car with a distracted teen driver

1 in 3 parents say their teen rides at least once a week with another teen driving. 3 in 5 parents report their teen has been a passenger in a car driven by a teen distracted by loud music, cell phones, or other teens. Parents say they limit their teen riding with a teen driver in bad weather (68%), after midnight (67%), and/or if the driver has had a license for less than 6 months (53%).

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What to do with unvaccinated children in the doctor's office?

Should doctors accept unvaccinated children as patients?

7 in 10 parents say their child’s primary care office should have a policy to prevent completely unvaccinated children from infecting other patients. 4 in 10 parents say their child's primary care office has a policy requiring that children get all recommended vaccines; about the same number of parents are unsure of the office policy. 4 in 10 parents are very or somewhat likely to move their child to a different provider if there are children in the practice whose parents refuse all vaccines.

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