Milestones: How parents understand child development

1 in 4 parents worry their infant or toddler is behind in developmental milestones

Nearly 1 in 4 parents say they have worried their child was or might be delayed in their milestones. Among parents who suspected their child was behind in their milestones, nearly 1 in 5 did not seek advice from a healthcare or childcare provider. 9 in 10 parents are either confident or very confident they know when their children should achieve most of their milestones.

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Virtual visits for kids

More kids seeing doctors virtually but some parents remain hesitant

1 in 5 parents report their child had a virtual healthcare visit during the pandemic. Lower-income parents have more concerns about technical problems related to virtual care. Parents are more comfortable with virtual visits for mental health or minor illness than for check-ups.

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Playing through a pandemic: Youth sports and COVID

1 in 4 parents give youth sports low rankings for consistent enforcement of COVID-19 guidelines

3 in 4 parents say their child’s sport is about right in their approach to COVID-19 precautions. Most parents give high ratings to their child’s school or sports league for clear communication, treating children fairly and listening to parent concerns about COVID-19. 1 in 4 parents rate their child’s sports league as fair/poor for consistent enforcement of COVID-19 precautions.

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How the pandemic has impacted teen mental health

Pandemic has negatively impacted teens' mental health

3 in 4 parents say COVID-19 has had a negative impact on their teens being able to interact with friends. 1 in 3 teen girls and 1 in 5 teen boys have experienced new or worsening anxiety since March 2020. Half of parents have relaxed family rules to allow their teen more contact with friends.

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