Are parents realistic about whether their child is vaping?

Unrealistic vaping views? Nearly 1/2 of parents confident they'd know if their child vapes

Vaping is hard to detect, yet half of parents think they would definitely know if their child was vaping. 4 of 5 parents think their child understands the health risks of vaping. About half of parents support suspension from school or school activities if their child was caught vaping at school.

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Figuring out fever in children

1 in 3 parents may unnecessarily give children fever-reducing medicine

9 in 10 parents agree that running a low-grade fever helps a child’s body fight off infection. 2 in 3 parents are very confident they know whether their child needs medication to reduce fever. 1 in 3 parents would give fever-reducing medication for elevated temperature below 100.4°.

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Making the most of well visits

Some parents may not be maximizing well child visits

Nearly half of parents schedule well visits with their child’s regular provider even if they have a long wait for an appointment. 1 in 3 parents believe their child is more likely to follow advice if it comes from a provider their child knows well. 3 in 4 parents recall the provider giving feedback on questionnaires completed about their child’s health and behavior.

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Parent views on teens, religion and the holidays

Holiday tension: Just 1 in 3 parents say their teen regularly attends religious services with the family

9 in 10 parents think teens can believe in God or a higher power without being involved in organized religion. Only 1 in 3 parents say their teen attends religious services regularly. 3 in 4 parents believe participating in religious services helps teens connect with their family history and traditions.

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