Pandemic-posed challenges to children's oral health

Parents say COVID-19 has disrupted children's dental care

1 in 3 parents say COVID-19 has made it hard to get dental care for their child. Children with Medicaid dental coverage have had more problems getting a preventive dental appointment. 1 in 4 parents say their child’s oral health habits have improved during the pandemic.

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Teens talking with teens about mental health

Many parents say teens with anxiety, depression may benefit from peer confidants at school

1 in 3 parents definitely support having a mental health program like peer support leaders at their teen's school. 2 in 3 parents would allow their teen to be trained as a peer support leader. Parent concerns about peer support leaders include confidentiality, training, and identifying crisis situations.

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Top health concerns for kids in 2020 during the pandemic

Screen time, emotional health among parents' top concerns for children during COVID-19 pandemic

Overuse of social media/screen time and bullying/cyberbullying are the top 2 concerns among parents overall. Black parents rate racism as the top health issue for kids in the US. Almost half of parents rate COVID-19 as a "big problem."

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Family Thanksgiving plans in the time of COVID-19

Some parents prioritize Thanksgiving traditions over reducing COVID-19 risks

1 in 2 parents say COVID-19 has substantially decreased the time children spend with extended family members. Over half of parents say it is very important that their child sees extended family and shares in family holiday traditions. 1 in 3 parents feel the benefits of gathering with family for Thanksgiving are worth the risk of spreading or getting COVID-19.

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