Do parents have selective hearing about flu vaccine for children?

Does an "echo chamber" of information impede flu vaccination for children?

Provider recommendation is linked to high flu vaccine rates, but 1 in 5 parents said their child’s provider did not make a recommendation. Parents of children not getting flu vaccine this year reported 7 times more negative sources than positive sources about flu vaccine. Comments from family, friends, and other parents were the most common sources prompting parents to question or not want flu vaccine for their child.

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Educate or placate when young child fears doctor's visits?

Half of parents say their preschooler fears doctor's visits

Half of parents said their young child age 2-5 was afraid of going to the doctor. 1 in 5 parents said it was hard to concentrate on what the doctor or nurse was saying because their young child was scared or upset. 1 in 25 parents had postponed a vaccine for their young child due to fear of doctor visits. Parents prepared their young child for a doctor's visit by educating (with books, shows, or explanations) or placating (promising a treat or no shots).

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When teens can't sleep

More than half of parents of sleep-deprived teens blame electronics

1 in 6 parents say their teen experiences frequent sleep problems, having trouble falling asleep or staying asleep 3 or more nights per week. Among parents of teens with frequent sleep problems, only 40% say they or their teen have talked with a health care provider about how to address sleep problems. Parents believe that over-the-counter sleep medicine is safer for teens than prescription sleep medicine.

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Tensions over teen tattoos

Teen tattoos: Half of parents concerned about negative health effects, impact on employment

1 in 10 parents thought a tattoo for a teen 16-17 years would be okay as a reward or to mark a special occasion/remembrance. About half of parents were very concerned about negative health effects of tattoos, such as scarring, infection, or the transmission of diseases like hepatitis or HIV. Half of parents were very concerned that employers might judge or stereotype their teen unfavorably if they had a tattoo.

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