Tracking tween health through apps

Most parents concerned about privacy, body image impact of tweens using health apps

1 in 20 parents say their tween uses health apps. 2 in 3 parents are concerned about their tween being targeted by ads from health apps. Most parents want input from their tween's health care provider on using health apps, but only 3% have talked with their tween's provider. 38% of parents would not allow their tween to use an app that tracks health information.

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Parenting to prevent child sexual abuse

Many parents delay talking to kids about inappropriate touching

3 in 4 parents of school-age children say they have talked about inappropriate touching, compared to less than half of parents of preschoolers. 2 in 5 parents report not receiving any information on how to talk with their child about inappropriate touching. 3 in 4 parents want their child’s school or preschool to provide information for parents on how to talk about inappropriate touching.

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Safety of children's water supply at home and school

Parents from lower-income families less likely to say child’s water supply is safe at both home and school

3 in 4 parents say their home tap water is safe for their child to drink. 1 in 3 parents believe the city or county would notify them if there was a problem with their home water supply. Two-thirds of parents from higher-income households report that both home tap water and school drinking fountains are safe for their child to drink, compared to only half of lower-income parents.

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Game on: Teens and video games

Nearly 9 in 10 parents say teens spend too much time gaming

Almost 9 in 10 parents agree teens spend too much time playing video games. Parents are twice as likely to report their teen boys play video games every day compared with parents of teen girls. 4 in 10 parents try to restrict the type/content of the video games played by their teen.

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