Pay-to-participate: Impact on school activities

Does “pay-to-play” put sports, extracurricular activities out of reach for some students?

Most middle and high school students participate in school sports, arts and/or clubs; however, 18% are not participating in any school activities. School sports are substantially more expensive than arts or clubs, with fewer no-cost options for participation. While 29% of parents say the cost of school activities is higher than they expected, only 7% have ever requested a waiver or scholarship for participation fees.

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Keeping medical marijuana dispensaries away from children

Parents: Keep medical marijuana dispensaries away from children

3 in 4 parents feel medical marijuana dispensaries should not be allowed near elementary, middle or high schools. 7 in 10 parents think they should have a say in whether a dispensary is located near their child's school or daycare. About half of parents were very concerned about people driving while impaired if a dispensary were located near their child's school or daycare.

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Preventing colds in children: Following the evidence?

At least half of parents try cold prevention methods for kids that have little or no evidence of effectiveness

Almost all parents encourage personal hygiene habits (such as frequent handwashing) to prevent colds in children, consistent with scientific evidence. Half of parents have given their child vitamins or supplements to prevent colds, despite no evidence that these products prevent colds. Many parents still believe in non-science "folklore strategies" for cold prevention, such as not going outside with wet hair.

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Excessive celebration can lead to parenting hangovers

1 in 4 parents not prepared for “parenting hangovers” this holiday season

1 in 4 parents who drink alcohol on special occasions are not likely to plan how much they drink or whether they’ll be able to take care of their child the next day. 3 in 10 parents know of an adult who may have caused an unsafe situation for their child due to drinking alcohol on a special occasion. 1 in 12 parents admitted to a prior situation where they may have been too impaired from alcohol to take care of their parenting responsibilities.

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