Sharing on parenting: Getting advice through social media

Parents of young children increasingly turn to social media for parenting advice

4 in 5 parents of young children use social media to discuss parenting topics. Nearly half of parents rate social media as very useful for getting new ideas to try. 2 in 5 parents think it’s difficult to distinguish good vs bad advice on social media. More than half of parents use privacy settings or restrict who can see posts about their children.

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Promoting children's independence: What parents say vs do

Many parents of elementary aged children may engage in more helicopter parenting than they think

3 in 4 parents say they make it a point to have their child do things themselves. Worry is the top reason parents give for their child not doing things independently. 1 in 4 parents have criticized another parent for not adequately supervising their child.

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Protecting children from poor air quality

2 in 3 parents say kids have experienced poor or unhealthy air quality

3 in 4 parents are concerned about the impact of air quality problems on their child’s health. 2 in 3 parents report poor or unhealthy air quality in their area, most often related to wildfires. Among parents reporting poor air quality in their area, 1 in 5 believe it affected their child’s health.

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Overuse of devices and social media top parent concerns

Overuse of social media and devices top parent concerns as kids head back to school

Top parental concerns center on children’s and teens’ use of devices and social media. Over half of parents rate mental health issues as a big problem. Parents in low-income households rate more issues as a big problem for children and teens.

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