Parenting put-downs: How criticism impacts fathers

National Poll: Dad shaming happens too

Half of fathers have been criticized about their parenting choices, most commonly by their child’s other parent. 2 in 5 fathers who are criticized respond by seeking out information or advice about the topic being criticized. 1 in 5 fathers say criticism about their parenting makes them want to be less involved as a parent.

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Safety on wheels: Teaching kids to ride right

Nearly 1 in 5 parents say their child never wears a helmet while riding a bike

1 in 5 parents report their child never wears a helmet when riding a bike. Most parents acknowledge their child does not use hand signals or walk their bike across crosswalks. Some parents report not having helmet rules for bikes (22%), skateboards (27%), and non-motorized scooters (34%).

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Are ride sharing services safe for teens?

Most parents concerned about safety of teens using ride sharing services

1 in 8 parents say their teen 14-17 years has used a ride share service compared to 1 in 3 parents of 18-year-olds. Two-thirds of parents were concerned or very concerned that a ride share driver might sexually assault their teen. 3 in 4 parents were concerned the driver would not be driving safely, such as speeding or being distracted by their phone.

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Pay-to-participate: Impact on school activities

Does “pay-to-play” put sports, extracurricular activities out of reach for some students?

Most middle and high school students participate in school sports, arts and/or clubs; however, 18% are not participating in any school activities. School sports are substantially more expensive than arts or clubs, with fewer no-cost options for participation. While 29% of parents say the cost of school activities is higher than they expected, only 7% have ever requested a waiver or scholarship for participation fees.

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