Top health concerns for kids in 2020 during the pandemic

Screen time, emotional health among parents' top concerns for children during COVID-19 pandemic

Overuse of social media/screen time and bullying/cyberbullying are the top 2 concerns among parents overall. Black parents rate racism as the top health issue for kids in the US. Almost half of parents rate COVID-19 as a "big problem."

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Family Thanksgiving plans in the time of COVID-19

Some parents prioritize Thanksgiving traditions over reducing COVID-19 risks

1 in 2 parents say COVID-19 has substantially decreased the time children spend with extended family members. Over half of parents say it is very important that their child sees extended family and shares in family holiday traditions. 1 in 3 parents feel the benefits of gathering with family for Thanksgiving are worth the risk of spreading or getting COVID-19.

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Teen involvement in demonstrations against police brutality

1 in 12 parents say their teen has attended a demonstration about racism or police reform

1 in 12 parents report their teen has attended a demonstration and/or other event about racism or policing reform. 1 in 2 Black parents say thinking about police brutality and racism causes stress for their teen, as do 1 in 4 White parents. White parents are nearly twice as likely than Black parents to believe teens do not belong at demonstrations against police brutality and racism.

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Flu vaccine for children in the time of COVID

1 in 3 parents plan to skip flu shots for their kids during COVID-19 pandemic

Only 1 in 3 parents believe it is more important for their child to get flu vaccine this year compared to previous years, despite public health recommendations. Among parents who will not seek flu vaccine for their child this year, 1 in 7 say they are keeping their child away from health care sites due to concerns about COVID. Less than half of parents say their child's regular health care provider strongly recommends flu vaccination this year.

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