Safe to eat? Parent food safety practices for their children

1 in 10 parents say their child has gotten sick from spoiled or contaminated food

1 in 10 parents reported their child had ever gotten sick from eating spoiled or contaminated food. One-third of parents say their child has gotten sick from food eaten at their own home. Parents cite restaurants as the most common source of food poisoning, but only 25% check health inspection ratings before dining out.

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What to expect around supporting pregnant teens

Should states support pregnant teens and their babies?

8 in 10 adults agree that state support for pregnant teens is a good investment in the baby’s health. Most adults feel pregnant teens should be required to attend prenatal visits or take parenting classes in order to receive state support. 9 in 10 adults feel that states should do more to require financial support from the baby’s father, but only half support their state providing paternity testing or legal help to get child support.

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Parenting tweens: Balancing freedom and supervision

Social media makes it both easier and more challenging to parent tweens

Two-thirds of parents agree that parents need to give tweens some freedom to make mistakes. 9 in 10 parents feel social media makes it easier for tweens to get in trouble. Mothers are more likely than fathers to monitor tween by reading their social media or tracking their location via cell phone.

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Delayed start to dentist visits: Parents need provider prompt

Lack of guidance may delay a child's first trip to the dentist

Over half of parents did not receive guidance from their child's doctor or a dentist about when to start dentist visits. Professional guidance was more common among parents with higher income, education, and private dental insurance. 1 in 6 parents who did not receive guidance from health care providers believed children should delay dentist visits until age 4 years or older.

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