Parent efforts insufficient to promote teen independence

Failure to launch: Parents are barriers to teen independence

Parents recognize the benefit of allowing teens to make mistakes, but believe parents should prevent mistakes that are too serious. 1 in 4 parents point to themselves as the main barrier to teen independence, by not taking the time or effort to give their teen more responsibility. Parents rate teens as being the least able to handle basic healthcare tasks independently, including figuring out the correct dose of medication and making a doctor's appointment.

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Parenting put-downs: How criticism impacts fathers

National Poll: Dad shaming happens too

Half of fathers have been criticized about their parenting choices, most commonly by their child’s other parent. 2 in 5 fathers who are criticized respond by seeking out information or advice about the topic being criticized. 1 in 5 fathers say criticism about their parenting makes them want to be less involved as a parent.

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Safety on wheels: Teaching kids to ride right

Nearly 1 in 5 parents say their child never wears a helmet while riding a bike

1 in 5 parents report their child never wears a helmet when riding a bike. Most parents acknowledge their child does not use hand signals or walk their bike across crosswalks. Some parents report not having helmet rules for bikes (22%), skateboards (27%), and non-motorized scooters (34%).

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Are ride sharing services safe for teens?

Most parents concerned about safety of teens using ride sharing services

1 in 8 parents say their teen 14-17 years has used a ride share service compared to 1 in 3 parents of 18-year-olds. Two-thirds of parents were concerned or very concerned that a ride share driver might sexually assault their teen. 3 in 4 parents were concerned the driver would not be driving safely, such as speeding or being distracted by their phone.

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