Used but still safe? Parent views on pre-owned child equipment

2 in 3 parents not confident they can tell whether used children's equipment is safe

Half of parents have used pre-owned equipment for their child, while 4 in 5 have donated or sold pre-owned equipment. 2 in 3 parents feel it is hard to tell whether pre-owned equipment is safe for their child. Half of parents are comfortable only with pre-owned equipment shared by family or close friends.

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Parents see upsides and downsides to teen jobs

Teens and jobs: Some parents cautious about negative impact on grades, sleep and social life

Parents cite logistical factors (schedule, convenience) as top factors in deciding whether a job is appropriate for their teen.Among parents of teens with a formal job, nearly half report their teen has experienced workplace problems. Less than 1 in 3 parents feel very informed about state laws for teen employment.

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Are parents realistic about whether their child is vaping?

Unrealistic vaping views? Nearly 1/2 of parents confident they'd know if their child vapes

Vaping is hard to detect, yet half of parents think they would definitely know if their child was vaping. 4 of 5 parents think their child understands the health risks of vaping. About half of parents support suspension from school or school activities if their child was caught vaping at school.

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Figuring out fever in children

1 in 3 parents may unnecessarily give children fever-reducing medicine

9 in 10 parents agree that running a low-grade fever helps a child’s body fight off infection. 2 in 3 parents are very confident they know whether their child needs medication to reduce fever. 1 in 3 parents would give fever-reducing medication for elevated temperature below 100.4°.

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