Media overload? Parents limit screen time for young kids

It’s a digital world and screens displaying digital media are a part of daily life for many people. Whether it’s a smartphone, a tablet, a TV screen, or a computer, screens capture a great deal of attention.

Recently, screens have also gotten the attention of doctors and health advocates as concerns about how exposure to screens might impact health – especially the health of young kids. Researchers are still trying to understand the health implications of screen time and in fact, this month’s issue of JAMA Pediatrics is all about media, technology, and pediatric health.

Too much exposure to screens has been linked to difficulty sleeping, obesity, and behavioral problems, so the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommends that kids under age two shouldn’t have any screen time and kids over age two should have no more than two hours per day. All of these efforts are aimed at limiting kids’ exposure to entertainment screen time.

But what are parents actually doing? We asked.
About one-quarter of parents said their children age 2-5 have three or more hours of entertainment screen time each day. But about half of parents do limit the locations where their children can use media devices and 28% of parents limit both the location and the amount of time their kids can spend on devices. Read the full report - Screening out screen time: Parents limit media use for young children.

Parents' rules for screen time for young children

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In this video, NPCH Director and Pediatrician Matt Davis, MD, MAPP discusses kids’ exposure to screens and the results of this poll:

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