Parents want to make the call on circumcision

Having a baby is an exciting time, but it can also be overwhelming. Parents are faced with making several decisions that will have an impact on their baby’s life. For parents of baby boys, parents have to consider whether or not to have their son circumcised.

There are a variety of information sources available to aid parents in their decision about circumcision. But what sources do parents trust, and what role should a healthcare provider play in the decision? We asked.

About 8 in 10 parents said a healthcare provider is a very trustworthy source of information about circumcision. In comparison, 64% of parents said the American Academy of Pediatrics is a very trustworthy source, 47% said the CDC is a very trustworthy source and 14% said parenting books are a very trustworthy source of circumcision information. Just 5% of parents said internet searches are very trustworthy. Read the full report: The circumcision decision: Parents want info, not directives, from docs.

We also asked what role healthcare providers should play in the circumcision decision. Most parents think healthcare providers should answer questions and provide scientific information but fewer parents think healthcare providers should recommend a specific decision. One in five parents strongly agree that circumcision is a family decision and healthcare providers should stay out of it.

Parents' views on role of healthcare providers regarding circumcision

NPCH Associate Director Sarah Clark discusses circumcision and the results of this National Poll on Children’s Health in this short video:

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