Listening to the people: Bans on sale of powdered alcohol

According to the CDC, alcohol is the most commonly abused drug among youth in the United States and is responsible for approximately 4,300 deaths among underage youth each year. This week’s blog for National Safety Month looks back at a 2015 NPCH Report about powdered alcohol.

Powdered alcohol has now been banned in over 30 states due to concerns that it may cause serious harm to underage youth. This week, the American Medical Association announced a policy in favor of federal and state laws banning the sale of powdered alcohol in the US, mentioning concerns of the dangers it could pose to minors due to its appeal and availability. Proponents of the product, however, say that it will be regulated like liquid alcohol, and that a ban on powdered alcohol may increase demand among youth for the product.

In a 2015 NPCH Report, 60% of US adults favored bans on the sale of powdered alcohol. Over 80% of adults believed powdered alcohol would increase the use of alcohol by underage youth. 90% of adults reported concerns that powdered alcohol will be misused by people under 21, while 81% were concerned that it will be easy for people under 21 to buy powdered alcohol. Read the full report: Too convenient? Majority of adults support bans on powdered alcohol.

Figure 1. Public Support for Regulation of Powdered Alcohol

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