Summer safety: Tweens home alone

In honor of National Safety Month, we’re bringing back previous summer safety-themed Mott Poll Reports to help prepare parents and kids for a fun and safe summer. Last week we discussed water park safety and the importance of shower-before-pool rules. This week, we’re looking at tweens staying home alone.

When school lets out for the summer, many parents have to decide whether their children are capable of staying home alone without adult supervision. For parents of tweens, the decision isn’t always easy. A 2016 Mott Poll found that parents of tweens are confident their child can handle certain emergency situations when home alone, but are less sure about safety, particularly around guns. Among parents of tweens 9-12:

  • 82% are very confident their tween will go to a safe place during a storm
  • 64% are very confident their tween will know when to call 9-1-1
  • Only 53% are very confident their tween will not play with guns when home alone

Parents' confidence that their 9-12 year old will follow safety practices if home alone

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Emergency situations can happen at any time. Discussing these safety practices with kids is important to ensure their safety if they are ever home alone.