After a recent tragic accident in Alberta, Canada involving a junior hockey team, one young man’s death has saved the lives of six people due to his decision to donate his organs.
The safety of e-cigarette vapor is being called into question after a recent study in Pediatrics found toxic chemicals in teens who vape.
This month’s Mott Poll report asked parents of children age 0-5 years about their beliefs and experiences about when to start dental visits.
With cold and flu season in full force, sick days at school are on the rise. But sometimes a child’s symptoms might not be strong enough to know for certain whether a sick day is necessary.
As we prepare for a new year of child health research, here’s an overview of some of our biggest reports in 2017.
This month’s Mott Poll report asked parents of kids age 0-5 about providing information sitters may need, and asked adults without kids about handling urgent situations that could arise while babysitting.
This month’s Mott Poll report asked parents of children 1-5 about various health, safety, educational and practical factors that affect their decision to choose a childcare option.
A 2016 Mott Poll found that parents may neglect routine safety habits when traveling with their toddlers.
This month’s Mott Poll report asked parents about how they would handle common medical situations that occur at home.
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