Drug abuse and alcohol abuse are two of the top 10 health concerns for kids in the U.S.

Asthma is a leading chronic health condition among children that causes many emergency department visits, hospitalizations, and missed school days each year. Asthma attacks are more common in the fall as kids return to school.

With the Republican National Convention last week and the Democratic National Convention currently underway, the presidential candidates are making every attempt to reach their audiences and gain votes.

Every year, the National Poll on Children’s Health reports on the top 10 child health concerns in the U.S. according to adults across the country.

Another school year is starting, which means the start of athletic seasons for many kids and parents. But some children may not be participating in school sports this year due to the increased cost of athletic participation.

In the 2012 National Poll on Children's Health Report of the top 10 health concerns facing kids in the U.S., adults say that 'not enough exercise' is the worst concern overall. Among Hispanic adults, childhood obesity is the top concern.

Every year, the National Poll on Children’s Health gives a report of the top 10 children’s health concerns from the perspective of adults across the country. We’re excited to release our sixth annual top 10 report next week.

Car accidents are the leading cause of death for kids older than three in the U.S. But many children are at greater risk of death or injury from a car accident because they’re not using the proper safety restraint.

There is often a heightened awareness and concern about performance-enhancing drug use during the Olympics, and this summer’s London Olympics are no different.

The human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine prevents the development of cervical cancer, anal cancer, and genital warts. But in order to be most effective, it’s recommended that adolescents receive the vaccine before they become sexually active.