A 2016 Mott Poll found that parents may neglect routine safety habits when traveling with their toddlers.
This month’s Mott Poll report asked parents about how they would handle common medical situations that occur at home.
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This month’s Mott Poll report asked parents about their confidence in the ability of their child’s school to handle various health situations, such as administering first aid and responding to an asthma attack or suspected mental health problem.
A 2016 Mott Poll found disparities in participation in school activities among middle/high school students from households earning less than $60,000/year.
This month’s Mott Poll report showed that parents were most concerned about bullying and internet safety.
The FDA recently announced a new youth education campaign to reduce e-cigarette use.
August 1 - 7 is World Breastfeeding Week, a campaign to encourage breastfeeding and support nursing mothers worldwide.
This month’s Mott Poll report showed how parents’ lack of awareness about what vaccines their teens need may contribute to lower vaccination rates for adolescents.
In a 2015 Mott Poll, 88% of parents said their teens' schools start before 8:30 a.m. About half of those parents said they would support moving the start of the school day back to 8:30 or later.