This month’s Mott Poll report looked at parents’ reports about their child’s swimming ability and rules for water supervision. Here’s a recap of what media outlets across the country have been saying about this report.
In the annual Mott Poll of US adults’ top 10 children’s health concerns, bullying ranked as the biggest concern in 2016.
This month’s Mott Poll report highlighted parents’ experiences with over-the-counter allergy medicines when managing their child’s seasonal allergy symptoms.

After an 11-year-old Michigan boy found out his girlfriend had committed suicide, he took his own life as well. But the information about his girlfriend’s death was false – a hoax started by the girl herself that the boy believed to be true.

Sharenting has become common practice. As a result, many children now have a digital footprint long before they take their first steps.
This month’s Mott Poll report highlighted the experiences of parents with trying to get same-day care for their sick children, whether it be advice over phone or email or an office visit.

Recent weather events have caused widespread power outages forcing many preschools and child care centers to close. Whenever a preschool or child care center faces an emergency, it is essential that they are prepared to handle the situation, and that parents are aware of the emergency plan.

Parents face a variety of day-to-day challenges in providing a healthy diet for their children.

To combat increasing rates of drug and opioid addiction, New Jersey has enacted a new law designed to influence the initial prescription of prescription pain medications. 

When kids wake up feeling ill, parents often have to make a quick judgment call about whether or not they’re well enough to go to school. This month’s Mott Poll report highlighted the struggle parents face when deciding what to do with their sick child.