Parent preferences for child's doctor visits. Percent of parents indicating preference on type of visit for their child. For minor illness, 54% are OK with virtual and 46% prefer in-person. For mental health, 49% are OK with virtual and 51% prefer in-person. For specialists, 26% are OK with virtual and 74% prefer in-person. For check-ups, 23% are OK with virtual and 77% prefer in-person.
Virtual visits for kids
COVID-19 precautions in youth sports. Parent ratings for school, travel, or community sports organizations. For giving clear information about precautions, 86% rate excellent/good, and 14% rate fair/poor. For consistent enforcement of precautions, 72% rate excellent/good, and 28% rate fair/poor. For treating children fairly, 87% rate excellent/good, and 13% rate fair/poor. For listening to parent concerns, 83% rate excellent/good, and 17% rate fair/poor.
Playing through a pandemic: Youth sports and COVID
Effects of the pandemic on teen mental health. Percent of parents noticing a new problem or worsening of an existing problem. For anxiety: 36% of teen girls and 19% of teen boys. For Depression: 31% of teen girls and 18% of teen boys. For Sleep issues: 24% of teen girls and 21% of teen boys. For withdrawing from family: 14% of teen girls and 13% of teen boys. For aggressive behavior: 9% of teen girls and 8% of teen boys.
How the pandemic has impacted teen mental health
Percent of parents reporting improvements in their child's oral health habits. 16% say their kids are brushing more often, 11% say their kids are flossing more often. 9% say their kids are using fluoride rinse more often. 15% say their kids are drinking sugary beverages less often.
Pandemic-posed challenges to children's oral health
Benefits of peer support leader programs in schools. 76% of parents agree: Peer support leaders would have a better understanding of the challenges facing teens, compared to teachers or counselors. 72% of parents agree: Having peer support leaders would encourage more teens to talk with someone about their mental health concerns.
Teens talking with teens about mental health
2020 Top 10 Child Health Concerns
Top health concerns for kids in 2020 during the pandemic
Preventing COVID-19 at Thanksgiving. Percent of parents who will do the following: 88% will exclude family with COVID-19 exposure or symptoms, 76% will limit contact between children and high-risk guests, 68% will ask guests to social distance, and 64% will exclude family who do not use COVID-19 precautions
Considering children in COVID-19 Thanksgiving plans
Are demonstrations safe for teens?
Teen involvement in demonstrations against police brutality
Public health experts say it is especially important for children to get flu vaccine during the COVID pandemic, yet only 1 in 3 parents believe getting flu vaccine is more important this year
Flu vaccine for children in the time of COVID
Parents vs grandparents on raising children
When parents and grandparents disagree