Ready for the sitter?
Preparing for a substitute sitter
Childcare deal-breakers
Childcare choices: What's important to parents?
Percent of parents who would take children 0-5 to the ER
Split-second decisions: First aid at home or rush to the ER?
Parents' confidence in the ability of their child's school to handle various health situations
Handling child health needs during the school day
Parents very concerned that health issues may impact their children
Bullying and internet safety are top health concerns for parents
Timing of teens' next vaccine: Sooner, later, or never?
Parents not keeping up with teen vaccines
Percent of mothers of children 0-5 who say they have been criticized by the following groups
Mom shaming or constructive criticism? Perspectives of mothers
Racial differences in swimming lessons
Water safety for kids: Staying afloat with lessons, supervision
Sources of advice for giving allergy medicine to children
Allergy medicine for kids: Dosing and labeling can be complicated
Parent confidence in getting same-day care/advice for sick child
Sick kids: Can parents get same-day doctor appointments?