Figure 1. Top child health priorities the public wants the 2016 presidential candidates to address
Public identifies top child health priorities for presidential candidates
Figure 1. Proportion of parents who kept child's leftover pain medication when provider did and did NOT discuss what to do
Narcotics in the medicine cabinet: Provider talk is key to lower risk
Adult views of children today compared to when they were kids
Today versus "back in the day": Kids' health getting worse?
Parent concerns about online physician ratings
Many parents wary of online ratings for doctors
Parent perceptions of flu vaccine compared to other childhood vaccines
Inferiority complex? Parents rate flu lower than other vaccines
Limits placed on teen drivers by parents
More parents could be putting the brakes on their teen drivers
Figure 1. Who handles aspects of teens' check-ups?
Back off: Parents impeding teens' healthcare independence?
Parent and teen opinions about e-cigarettes
Teens and parents agree: Place restrictions on e-cigarettes
Figure 1. Parent report of emergency plans for their child's preschool or child care center
Emergencies at preschool & child care: Do parents know the plan?
Figure 1: Consequences for Cyberbullying. Parent Views on How Schools Should Respond
Parents conflicted about how to label, punish cyberbullying