Participation in school sports for kids 12-17 years, by household income
Pay-to-play sports keeping lower-income kids out of the game
Proportions of parents and grandparents of young children who store medicines in easy-access places
Easy-access medicines a poisoning risk for kids at home
Public support for youth sexting laws
For youth sexting: Public supports education, not criminal charges
Proportion of children age 1-5 who drink 2 or more cups of juice per day
Too much of a good thing? Kids in low-income families drink more juice than recommended
Parent report of worrisome behaviors in children age 6-14
School obesity programs may promote worrisome eating behaviors and physical activity in kids
Parents & Teens Not Talking About Noise-Induced Hearing Loss
Silent risk: Most parents and teens not talking about noise-induced hearing loss
Infants at Risk in Unsafe Sleep Settings
Many infants at risk in unsafe sleep settings
Young ChildrenPoor Start with Dental Health
Many young children off to a poor start with dental health
Parents Turning Car Seats to Face Forward
Parents turning car seats to face forward too early
Teens Drink and Use Marijuana
Parents say, "Other teens drink and use marijuana, but my kids don't"