Figure 1. Who handles aspects of teens' check-ups?
Back off: Parents impeding teens' healthcare independence?
Parent and teen opinions about e-cigarettes
Teens and parents agree: Place restrictions on e-cigarettes
Figure 1. Parent report of emergency plans for their child's preschool or child care center
Emergencies at preschool & child care: Do parents know the plan?
Figure 1: Consequences for Cyberbullying. Parent Views on How Schools Should Respond
Parents conflicted about how to label, punish cyberbullying
Figure 1: Top 10 U.S. Children's Health Concerns Rated as a "Big Problem" by Adults in 2015
Top 10 child health problems: More concern for sexting, Internet safety
Parent Opinion about Vaccine Safety for Children
Safer, with more benefits: Parents’ vaccines views shifting
Infographic: Public Support for Regulation of Powdered Alcohol
Too convenient? Majority of adults support bans on powdered alcohol
Proportions of parents who would definitely talk to the doctor about child's behavior and emotions
Many parents missing the link between child behavior and health
Figure 1: Opinions on the use of medical marijuana for adults and children
Support for medical marijuana use lower for kids than for adults
Perceptions of oversharenting on social media
Parents on social media: Likes and dislikes of sharenting