Reducing asthma attacks in kids

Asthma is a leading chronic health condition among children that causes many emergency department visits, hospitalizations, and missed school days each year. Asthma attacks are more common in the fall as kids return to school.

One of the common triggers of asthma attacks in children is exposure to tobacco smoke. The National Poll on Children’s Health asked parents of children with asthma what triggers asthma attacks and about their child’s exposure to tobacco smoke.

In this Poll, 73% of parents said tobacco smoke is an important factor in causing a child to have an asthma attack. However, nearly half (44%) of parents said their asthmatic child spends time with smokers – and often, it’s the child’s parent who is the smoker.

Tobacco smoke is a common trigger of asthma attacks in children and reducing exposure to smoke is an important thing families can do to help a child who has asthma.