Narcotic pain meds among children & teens: Are parents numb to misuse?

Although sales of narcotic pain medicines in the U.S. have increased substantially over the last 20 years, and national data indicate rising rates of misuse among children and teens, new information from a National Poll on Children’s Health suggest parents may not be fully aware of the risks.

We asked parents with children age 5-17 for their perspectives on narcotic pain medicine misuse among children and teens and for their opinions on potential policies that might discourage misuse. Although 35% of parents are very concerned about misuse of narcotic pain meds among children and teens in their communities, only 1 in 5 parents (19%) are very concerned about their own children and teens misusing. When asked about policies to discourage children and teens’ misuse, parents’ support was lukewarm. Read the full report: Parents numb to misuse of narcotic pain medicines by youth?

Parent support for policies to discourage children and teens' misuse of narcotic pain medicine
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To hear more about what parents think about narcotic pain medicine misuse, watch this short video with NPCH Associate Director Sarah Clark, MPH. What do you think about potential policies to discourage misuse among children and teens? Would you support them? Let us know in the comments!