How do parents choose their children’s doctor?

In the digital age, ratings and reviews are an easy way for people to research products and services. Rating websites are available for restaurants, movies, books – and even doctors.

But how much do doctor rating websites influence parents in their decisions about choosing a doctor for their children? According to the results of our latest NPCH Report, many parents think word of mouth from family and friends is more important than a doctor’s rating online. However, younger parents (under age 30) were more likely to say that online doctor ratings are a very important factor when it comes to choosing a doctor for their children. Read the full report: How to select a child’s doctor? Parents prefer grapevine to online.

Parents' Opinions on Important Factors in Selecting a Doctor for their Children

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To hear more about how parents choose a doctor for their children, watch this short video with Dr. Matt Davis and Dr. David Hanauer, both primary care pediatricians. What factors are most important for you when it comes to choosing a doctor for your children? Do you ever use rating websites? Let us know in the comments!