How should schools respond to bullying?

Bullying was among the top five health concerns for kids in the U.S. in 2012 and also made the list of the top priorities for presidential candidates to address. According to a recent study, bullying can have long term psychiatric effects that last into adulthood.

With so much concern surrounding this issue, many states have adopted anti-bullying laws directing school districts to implement policies that address bullying. But what do adults think schools should do to address bullying? We asked adults across the country what behaviors they consider bullying and when they think schools should take action. Read the full report – Bullying: When should schools take action?

Bullying - when should schools take action?

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To learn more about bullying and impacts it can have on young children, watch this brief video with pediatrician and NPCH Director Dr. Matt Davis. How do you think schools should respond to bullying? Let us know in the comments section.