Medications still a major poisoning risk for kids

Each year, thousands of kids are treated in emergency rooms because they swallowed a medication they shouldn’t have. Often, these medications belong to an adult and a child gets into them because they aren’t stored safely.

SafeKids Worldwide released a report last week about the dangers of medication poisoning in children and about where children are finding the medications they accidentally ingest. According to the report, children find medicine on the ground, in a purse, or on a countertop or nightstand more often than they get it from the bathroom medicine cabinet.

In April 2012, we released an NPCH Report about these “easy-access” locations where adults sometimes keep medications. Easy-access medicines are those that are kept in easy-to-open containers that keep doses handy or medicines that are not kept up and out of reach of young children. Nearly 1 in every 4 grandparents said they store prescription medicines in easy-access ways. Read the full report: Easy-access medicines a poisoning risk for kids at home.

Proportions of parents & grandparents of young children who store medicines in easy-access places

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For more information on medication safety for kids, watch this brief video with pediatrician and NPCH Director Dr. Matt Davis or download the full report on medication safety from SafeKids Worldwide (PDF).