How much would you pay for email advice from your child’s doctor?

In the age of smartphones and social media, finding the answer to a question is often just a web search away. Many parents are even able to seek out medical advice about their kids without leaving home just by emailing their children’s doctors. Although some health care providers are willing to have an email consultation with a patient’s parent to avoid an office visit for a minor illness, there isn’t a formal payment structure in place for this service.

Since the cost of emailing a child’s doctor for medical advice hasn’t been determined, we wanted to see what adults across the country thought might be a reasonable fee for this service. For comparison, we also asked adults how much they pay out-of-pocket for an office visit with their children’s doctors. The results of this National Poll on Children’s Health will be released early next week!

What do you think is a reasonable fee for an email consultation with your child’s doctor? Leave us a comment and let us know or tweet with #NPCHemailDr. You can also share your thoughts on our Facebook page. To find out what adults across the country said, sign up for our email list and you’ll receive the results as soon as they’re published.


This NPCH Report is now available: Email consultation: co-pay or no-pay?