Looking back at a year of children’s health research

It’s been another exciting year researching children’s health through the National Poll on Children’s Health! Each month, we’ve put together a report on some of the most important health issues facing kids today. From pain medications to whooping cough, we’ve learned a lot about attitudes, behaviors, and concerns around the health of kids in the U.S. Here’s a look back at a few of the most popular NPCH Reports of 2013.

Doctor with parents and childJust what the doctor ordered? Not for many parents

Do you always follow advice from your child’s doctor? It turns out that about 1 in 10 parents only occasionally follow doctors’ orders for their children. These parents are most likely to follow advice about nutrition, going to the dentist, and using car seats/booster seats. They are least likely follow advice about discipline, putting their kids to sleep, and watching TV. Read the full report >>

Parent giving medicine to childParents ignore warning labels, give cough & cold meds to young kids

When it comes to sick kids, parents want to do whatever they can to make them feel better. But some popular treatments aren’t safe for young kids. Over-the-counter cough and cold medicines have warning labels that say they shouldn’t be given to children under age four, but 4 in 10 parents report giving cough medicine or multi-symptom cough and cold medicine to their kids who are younger than four years old. Read the full report >>

Frustrated student in classroomOne in ten teens using “study drugs,” but are parents paying attention?

Stimulant medications like Adderall, Concerta, and Ritalin are often prescribed to treat ADHD. But sometimes students without ADHD take someone else’s prescription medication to try to stay awake or improve their performance on tests or assignments. We asked parents in the National Poll on Children’s Health about their awareness of these “study drugs”. Only 1 in 100 parents believe their teens have used “study drugs”, although in recent studies 1 in 10 10th-graders and 1 in 8 12th-graders say they’ve used these drugs. Read the full report >>

Come back later this week for a look back at more of the top 2013 reports! You can view all of the 2013 NPCH Reports online. What children’s health topics should we cover in 2014?