Teens report unhealthy levels of stress

Today’s teens are stressed out – to an unhealthy degree, according to a new report from the American Psychological Association. The study asked both teens and adults questions about stress and anxiety and teenagers reported higher levels of stress during the school year than adults.

Some teens also reported that stress makes them angry or irritable, anxious, or keeps them awake at night. Yet more than half of teens said stress has only a slight impact or no impact on their health. Teens reported being stressed about getting into a good college, making plans for after high school, and their families’ finances.

Adults across the country think stress is a big problem for children and teens in their communities. In this year’s NPCH Top 10 Report of the biggest health problems facing children and teens in the U.S., adults ranked stress fifth overall. One-fourth of adults across the country said stress is a big problem for children and teens in their communities. Read the full report: Top child health concerns: Obesity, drug abuse and smoking.

Top 10 U.S. Children's Health Problems Infographic

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While stress is unhealthy on its own, it can also lead to other health problems and potentially very serious problems like depression and suicide.

Have you talked with your teenagers about stress? What strategies have you used to help them manage and minimize stress? Share your experiences in the comments!