Upcoming report: How do schools manage food allergies?

Children who are allergic to common foods like peanuts and tree nuts have to take extra caution to avoid these foods to prevent serious and sometimes life-threatening reactions. While at home, parents of children with food allergies can monitor all of the child’s meals and even the ingredients that are brought into the home. But managing food allergies becomes more challenging when kids go to school.

In order to create safe environments for all children, schools work together with parents of food-allergic children and parents of children without food allergies to establish rules and procedures for managing allergies. Some schools have “nut-free zones” where students with allergies can eat their lunches. Other schools have rules about what foods can be brought in from home.

But what do parents think are the best ways to manage food allergies in school? We asked, and we’re excited to share the results next week. You can see the results as soon as they’re published by following us on Facebook and Twitter (@MottNPCH) or signing up for our mailing list.

We want to hear from you! What are your kids’ schools doing about food allergies?