The top 10 children’s health problems in 2014 – coming soon!

Every year, we ask adults across the U.S. to tell us about the most pressing health concerns for kids in their communities. Then we compile their concerns into a top 10 list of the biggest kids’ health problems in the country.

This year’s edition of the NPCH Top 10 report will be released next week! To get ready, we’re covering some of the top topics of years past. This week, we’ll look at a roundup of the last two years of top 10 lists.


Top 10 Kids Health Concerns: 20122012

Top 10 child health concerns: Exercise, obesity & smoking lead list

The top 10 list in 2012 showed childhood obesity as a priority concern for adults, with “not enough exercise” and childhood obesity taking the top two spots. Adults from different race/ethnicities had different health concerns for the kids in their communities. For black adults, smoking & tobacco use was the number one issue and they also showed concern about teen pregnancy (#6), racial inequality (#7), and gun related injuries (#9).

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Top 10 Kids Health Concerns: 20132013

Top child health concerns: Obesity, drug abuse and smoking

In last year’s top 10 report, adults overall rated childhood obesity as their number one kids’ health concern. But the top 10 lists looked different for adults from different race/ethnicities. For Hispanic adults, bullying was listed as their second overall health concern for kids. Black adults rated school violence as their #3 concern and their top 10 list also included gun related injuries (#8); neither of these topics was in white adults’ top 10 list.

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What are the most important health issues for the kids in your community? What do you think will be at the top of this year’s top 10 list?

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Read the 2014 NPCH Top 10 Report here: School violence, gun-related injuries in top 10 child health concerns in U.S.