What’s on the menu? New FDA rules for calorie count menu labeling

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announced new rules yesterday that will require not just restaurants, but also pizza parlors, movie theaters, and even vending machines to list calorie counts on their menus. These new requirements are in response to the nation’s obesity epidemic, which continues to be a concern despite several public health efforts.

While some national chains already list calorie counts on their menus, posting calorie counts has not previously been a requirement in all states – and even in states with requirements, most rules include exemptions for places like movie theaters and pizza shops.

Public health advocates in favor of these new requirements think it’s a great way to influence consumers’ food choices and improve obesity. But opponents think it will be difficult to implement and regulate and could be very costly.

In the 2014 National Poll on Children’s Health about the top child health problems facing kids today, adults ranked obesity number one. Do you think posting calorie counts on menus across the country will make an impact? Share your thoughts in the comments or on Facebook and Twitter!