Are kids still being sidelined by pay-to-play sports fees?

Due to school budget challenges, many middle and high schools now charge fees for athletic participation. Often called “pay-to-play” fees, these participation charges are in addition to other costs of playing sports like transportation and equipment fees.

The cost of participating in school sports can be difficult for some families to manage financially. In a 2012 NPCH Report, only one-third of lower-income parents said their child participated in school sports, while more than half of higher-income parents said they have a child who plays school sports.

Participation in school sports for kids 12-17 years, by household income

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Is the cost of school sports still keeping some kids on the bench? We asked. Next week, we’ll release a new report about school sports participation and the way cost impacts families. You can sign up for our email list to get the report as soon as it’s published.

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