Sharenting: Parents share their views on parenting in the age of social media

Last week, we published an NPCH Report that has generated an incredible amount of conversation among parents around the world. The subject: sharenting – sharing parenting information online and on social media.

We asked parents of young children across the U.S. to tell us about their experiences with sharenting. Over half of moms and one-third of dads say they discuss parenting on social media. Among those parents:

  • 72% say sharenting helps them feel less alone
  • 70% say sharenting helps them learn what NOT to do
  • 67% say it’s a good way to get advice from more experienced parents
  • 62% say sharenting helps them worry less

But parents also expressed their concerns about discussing their kids on social media:

  • 68% worry about someone finding out private information about their child
  • 67% are concerned someone else will share photos of their child
  • 52% are concerned that their child will be embarrassed by what they’ve posted online when they are older

74% of parents who use social media say they know someone who has oversharented – shared too much information about their child on social media:

Figure 1: Perceptions of oversharenting on social media
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NPCH Associate Director Sarah Clark, MPH talks about these results in this short sharenting video:

What do you think?:
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Read the full report: Parents on social media: Likes and dislikes of sharenting.