Parents’ vaccine views shifting after year of outbreaks

Although a series of childhood vaccinations are recommended to prevent outbreaks and protect children from disease, a number of parents have been opting out of vaccines for their children due to concerns about side effects. But highly-publicized outbreaks of measles and whooping cough – illnesses which can be prevented by vaccinations – have put a spotlight on parents’ attitudes about vaccination.

In our latest NPCH Report, we asked parents to tell us how they feel about the safety and benefits of vaccines compared to how they felt a year ago. More than a third of parents said they think vaccines have more benefit compared with what they thought a year ago. One-quarter of parents said they think vaccines are safer compared with what they thought a year ago.

Additionally, 35% of parents said they have more support for school and daycare vaccine requirements than they did a year ago. Read the full report - Safer, with more benefits: Parents’ vaccines views shifting.

Parent Opinion About Vaccine Safety for Children

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Learn more about the results of this NPCH Report in this short video with NPCH Director and pediatrician Dr. Matt Davis:

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