Teens who use medical marijuana more likely to say they’re addicted

Each year, adults across the U.S. rate drug abuse as one of their top health concerns for children and teens in the annual NPCH Top 10 Report. A University of Michigan study published this month in the Journal of Adolescent Health, sheds light on new concerns about teen drug use: medical marijuana use and marijuana addiction.

The study examined the responses from the 2012 and 2013 Monitoring the Future Survey, in which over 4,300 high school seniors were asked about their drug use. Forty-eight teens said they use marijuana legally with a medical marijuana card. Another 266 teens said they use marijuana without a medical marijuana card. The teens that used medical marijuana were 10 times more likely than the other teen marijuana users to say they’re addicted to marijuana.

In a recent NPCH Report, we asked adults for their views on medical marijuana use by adults and children. While 63% of adults agreed that their state should allow adults to use medical marijuana, just 36% said their state should allow children to use medical marijuana. Read the full report: Support for medical marijuana use lower for kids than for adults.

Opinions about medical marijuana use by adults and children
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Drug abuse has consistently been rated among the top five health concerns adults have for children and teens in the annual NPCH Top 10 Report. In 2014, about half of adults said drug abuse is a big problem for children and teens across the country.

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