Using the top 10 children’s health concerns as back-to-school conversation starters

As children and teens begin a new school year and will spend many of their waking hours outside the home, it’s a great time for parents to check in with their children and children’s teachers about important health concerns.

When it comes to children’s health in school, it can seem like there is a lot of ground to cover. The annual NPCH Top 10 Report is a great place to start! Each year, we ask adults across the U.S. to tell us their biggest concerns about the health of children and teens and we compile a list of the top 10 concerns. If you’re not sure where to start a back-to-school conversation with kids and their schools, try working through this list:

Top 10 U.S. Children's Health Concerns Rated as a "Big Problem" by Adults in 2015

Childhood Obesity:
Childhood obesity has been the leading children’s health concern for several years running. Are you familiar with the physical activity schedule and snacks and lunches available at your children’s school? This article from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) offers tips for parents to help their children maintain a healthy weight:

Bullying has been the second biggest health concern for kids across the U.S. the past two years. What is the bullying policy at your children’s school? Are you aware of warning signs and intervention strategies? For more resources on bullying, visit

For information and resources on the top 10 children’s health concerns, visit these links:

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