Emergencies at preschool and child care: Many parents not sure about the plans

When an emergency like a severe weather event or a lockdown situation happens during the day, child care centers and preschools must be ready to manage the needs and safety of the children in their care. This week, the American Academy of Pediatrics issued an updated policy statement urging disaster response teams to place more attention on the needs of children.

In our latest NPCH Report, we asked parents about their experiences with emergencies at their children’s preschools and child care centers. We also asked about their knowledge of the existing emergency plans at those preschools and centers.

Almost 4 in 10 parents said their children’s preschools or child care centers had experienced an emergency in the past two years. About two-thirds (65%) of parents said their children’s preschool or child care center has emergency contact information and health information stored digitally. But only 37% of parents said an emergency plan is available online and just 39% said there is a method in place to identify children in case of evacuation. Read the full report - Emergencies at preschool & child care: Do parents know the plan?

Parent report of emergency plans for their child's preschool or child care center

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Watch this short video with emergency physician Dr. Andrew Hashikawa to learn more about emergency plans for preschools and child care centers:

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