Parents taking too much control when it comes to teens' healthcare independence

As teens transition to adulthood, they need to be comfortable taking on bigger responsibilities, including managing their healthcare. If parents are doing all of the talking during their teen’s regular check-ups, teens could miss out on the opportunity to practice the skills they need to feel comfortable and confident in communicating with their healthcare providers.

In our latest NPCH Report, we asked parents of teens age 13-18 about who handles different aspects of their teens’ healthcare visits. Only about 15% of parents reported their teen would discuss health problems independently at a routine check-up. Two-thirds of parents said they complete health history forms without involving their teen. Parents’ top reason that teens are not involved in discussing health problems is that their teens are not comfortable in that role. Read the full report – Back off: Parents impeding teens’ healthcare independence?

Figure 1. Who handles aspects of teens' check-ups?

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