Adults perceive child health to be worse today than when they were growing up

Advances in medicine and public health have greatly reduced illness and death for children over the last century, however health conditions such as childhood obesity, asthma, and behavioral problems are becoming more common. While the health of children in the US today is better in many ways than in generations past, many adults in the US perceive the health of children as worse today than when they were growing up, themselves.

In our latest NPCH Report, we asked adults about their perceptions of the physical and mental/emotional health of children younger than 18 years old today, compared to when the adults themselves were growing up. They were also asked about particular aspects of growing up in the US today compared with children in prior generations.

Over half (55%) of adults perceive the mental/emotional health of kids today to be worse than when they were kids. 42% of adults perceive the physical health of kids today to be worse than when they were growing up, and 65% of adults perceive less quality family time for kids today compared with when they were growing up. Read the full report – Today versus “back in the day”: Kids’ health getting worse?

Figure 1. Adult views of children today compared to when they were kids

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