Candidates: Make children's health a priority this election season

As the Republican and Democratic conventions approach, candidates consider what topics to feature in their campaigns. Past Poll results have shown that a candidate’s stance on child health issues can affect the way many U.S. adults vote.

In our latest NPCH Report, we asked a national sample of adults about child health priorities that could be addressed by candidates for President this year. Child abuse and neglect was identified most frequently by the public as a child health priority for Presidential candidates. Alcohol/smoking/drug use, as well as nutrition, hunger, and obesity, were also child health priority areas for at least half of U.S. adults. Access to mental health services and the health effects of poverty were priorities for about one-third of U.S. adults. Read the full report – Public identifies top child health priorities for presidential candidates

Figure 1. Top child health priorities the public wants the 2016 presidential candidates to address

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What do you think?
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