Public & pediatricians weigh in on child health issues for presidential candidates to address

With less than a month until election day, presidential candidates have limited time to make their case to the American public. While there are a variety of policy issues to consider when choosing a candidate, many US adults say that a candidate's position on child health issues can affect how they vote.

This year, we asked adults about child health priorities that could be addressed by the 2016 presidential candidates. Three priority areas were clearly identified by adults more frequently than others: child abuse and neglect (53%), alcohol, smoking and substance abuse (51%), and nutrition, hunger and obesity (50%). Read the full report: Public identifies top child health priorities for presidential candidates

Top child health priorities the public wants the 2016 presidential candidates to address

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This month, the American Academy of Pediatrics urged the presidential candidates to weigh in on specific child health topics that should be priority areas for federal policy: poverty, gun violence, access to care, and investing in children. Pediatricians offered suggestions for action in these areas, including common-sense policies to prevent gun violence, continued funding for the Children's Health Insurance Program, and prioritizing policies that focus on supporting and nurturing children for the future.

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