Updated screen time rules for an updated digital world

This month in an updated set of screen time guidelines, the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) now recommends no screen time for children younger than 18 months with an exception for screen time used to video chat with family and friends. For children 15-24 months, the AAP recommends that digital media should be educational and viewed with a parent or guardian.

Parents’ views about reasonable screen time are not necessarily in line with AAP recommendations, according to reports from parents of young children in the National Poll on Children’s Health. Among parents of children younger than two years old, only 6% reported limiting the amount of screen time for their children by setting daily limits, having days where no screen time is allowed or having screen-free days for the whole family. In 13% of households with young children, parents do not limit entertainment screen time or locations. 12% of parents of children younger than two years old said that no entertainment screen time is reasonable. Read the full report – Screening out screen time: Parents limit media use for young children

Parents' rules for screen time for young children

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While concerns about too much screen time for young children have merit, the evolving media landscape also offers kids the ability to create and engage with content rather than passively consuming it. The AAP recommends that parents talk with kids about appropriate online behaviors and set aside family media-free times and locations.

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