2016 Year-in-Review

Kids holding "2016" banner

In 2016, the Mott Poll released new reports that offer insight into parents’ views of key child health topics, such as flu vaccine, the state of child health through the years, and what to do with leftover prescription pain medication. As we head into another year of children’s health research, let’s look back at some of the reports that had people talking in 2016.

Girl getting flu shotInferiority complex? Parents rate flu lower than other vaccines

In our February NPCH Report, we asked parents how they would compare the flu vaccine to other vaccines recommended during childhood. A third of parents said flu vaccine is less important for their child than other vaccines. About half of parents (52%) said their child had received the flu vaccine that year, and parents whose children do not receive flu vaccine were more likely to have negative beliefs about its safety and efficacy. Read the full report >>

This report was also featured in Health Day, Mayo Clinic, and Medical News Today.

Old photo of children playing outside next to modern photo of children playing inside on electronic devices.Today versus "back in the day": Kids' health getting worse?

In April, we looked at adults' perceptions of children's health today compared to when they were children themselves. Over half of adults perceived the mental/emotional health of children today to be worse than when they were growing up, and 42% said the physical health of children is worse today in comparison to their own childhoods. Read the full report >>


This report was also featured in the New York Times, Science Daily, and MLive.

Child reaching for prescription bottle in medicine cabinet.Narcotics in the medicine cabinet: Provider talk is key to lower risk

In our May NPCH Report, we asked parents of children 5-17 years old about what they do with leftover pain medication that was prescribed to their child. Half of parents said they had pills left over from a pain medication prescription, and only one-third of parents said their doctor discussed what to do with them. Of the parents that had leftover medication, 47% said they kept the medication at home.
Read the full report >>

This report was also featured in Forbes, US News & World Report, and the Huffington Post.

Other Mott Poll report topics in 2016 include mental health, vacation safety, and health education in schools. Check out all of the 2016 NPCH Reports, and be sure to sign up for our email list so you never miss a report!