Summer safety: Water parks

June is National Safety Month, an annual campaign from the National Safety Council to reduce the risk of preventable injuries and death by encouraging everyone to “Keep Each Other Safe.” As summer begins, more kids will be spending time outside, swimming with friends, or staying home alone. Ensuring kids are prepared is essential to keeping them safe in any situation. In honor of National Safety Month, we’re highlighting some previous summer safety-themed Mott Poll Reports to help start a conversation about safety with parents and kids. This week we’re looking at water park safety.

Family trips to water parks are a great way to have fun, but not following the rules can result in injury or illness. Showering before getting into the water at a pool or water park is one of the best ways to prevent recreational water infections, but a 2011 Mott Poll found that very few parents enforce this rule with their children. Among parents of children 5-12:

  • Only 15% think there is a high risk of illness from water parks
  • 33% think there is a high risk of drowning at water parks
  • While 64% believe it’s important for children not to swallow the water, only 26% think it’s important to shower before getting in the water

Parents can help prevent recreational water illnesses by making sure children shower with soap and water before swimming, taking children on bathroom breaks, and reminding children not to swallow the water.