Upcoming report: Public opinion on teen sexting legislation

The issue of sexting – sending sexually explicit, nude, or semi-nude photos by cell phone – has taken center stage in recent legislation in several states in the U.S. To date, 17 states have sexting laws on the books. Another 13 states have sexting legislation pending in 2012.

But how do adults feel about sexting legislation? Little has been done to measure the public opinion on youth sexting legislation. So, we asked adults across the U.S. for their perspectives about youth sexting and some of the consequences included in current and proposed legislation.

Our report about current public opinion regarding teen sexting legislation will be released early next week. We will also present information about who adults think should play a major role in addressing the ongoing problem of youth sexting.

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Update: March 20, 2012

The National Poll on Children's Health Report on sexting has now been released. Follow the link below to read the full report.