Cough & cold medicine for young kids: Upcoming report

When adults get a cough or the sniffles, they often reach for over-the-counter cough and cold medicines to help with their cold symptoms. But these products are not safe for young children and the FDA has advised against using them for children under age two. In response, manufacturers of OTC cough and cold medicines changed their labels to warn parents against giving these products to children under age four.

But in a 2011 NPCH Report, 61% of parents with children under age two reported that they had given OTC cough and cold medicines to their children within the last 12 months. Read the full report: Despite warnings, parents continue to use cough & cold medicines for young kids.

We followed up on this concern to see if parents have gotten the message about the safety of cough and cold medicines for young children and if they’re heeding warning labels that advise against giving these medicines to children under age four.

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