Infants at Risk in Unsafe Sleep Settings
Many infants at risk in unsafe sleep settings
Young ChildrenPoor Start with Dental Health
Many young children off to a poor start with dental health
Parents Turning Car Seats to Face Forward
Parents turning car seats to face forward too early
Teens Drink and Use Marijuana
Parents say, "Other teens drink and use marijuana, but my kids don't"
Drug abuse and childhood obesity health concern for kids
Drug abuse now equals childhood obesity as top health concern for kids
Medical Research Opportunities for Kids
Most parents unaware of medical research opportunities for their kids
Prevent Illness From Waterparks Pools
Few parents enforce shower-before-pool rules that prevent illness from water parks
Bariatric Surgery for Adolescents
Bariatric surgery for adolescents: How young is too young?
Kids and Gym Physical Activity Exercise
Gym gone but not forgotten? Parents want more physical activity at school for kids
Explanations from Media About Children’s Health
Parents want explanations, not scare tactics, from the media about children's health